My educational background has prepared me for the life and job I thoroughly enjoy.

As a high school student, I knew exactly what I would be, a Physician’s Assistant.  As I began my long road to earn the degree that would certainly score me a spot on an adrenaline-powered Hollywood style medical team, I was intrigued by the amazing machine of the human body.   During this time I also discovered my passions, education and high school students.

After completing my Registered Nurse program (who wants to waste years of education?) I began a Bachelor’s degree program at Northwest University to pursue being a Secondary Educator teaching Biology.  Biology was the most useful match for my nursing background.    The educational path of a teacher is even longer and more continuous than that of a medical professional.  I graduated in 2001 and immediately began teaching High School Biology.  I went back to school to get an endorsement in Health and Fitness (an even better match for my Nursing Degree) and earned the Professional Teaching Certificate required of Washington State teachers.

As a teaching addict, I joyfully and unhealthily labored in the science classroom for 6 years.   Noticing my mild yet undeniable state of ‘unhealth’, I began to make healthy changes to my life and thus began the passion I possess for health and fitness.

A timely and unique offer after my 6th year of teaching landed me in a seat teaching online Health, Fitness and Biology classes for the same school district I worked for.

During this time, I have indeed increased my personal health and have enriched my portfolio with the following accomplishments:

  • Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction (2010)
  • American Heart Association’s Instructor’s Certification

Currently I am working on an Online Teacher’s Certification through Bellevue College.

I am able to find balance and health with the many facets of my life.  Whether it is teaching, personal nutrition, fitness, my children or friends, my educational background has equipped me with the tools to balance and the skill to learn and share them online!


Tanya Huber



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