EDUC 252 Individual Activity

Assignment 2.2


2 responses

  1. I’ll give instructor feedback on your assignment later (very possibly this may not happen until Sunday, when I’m back from vacation), but just wanted you to know that I’ve read your work and it definitely meets the requirements I set.

  2. HI Tanya,
    First, thanks for setting up all the pages on the blog! It’s going to be easy for me to navigate now and I do appreciate being able to do that.

    Second, it’s always a challenge to comment on student work when everything has been done properly and done welll too. All I can say is that I told mom, Christie and my husband about your assignment and they were really impressed. Because my dad was a forester for Weyerhaeuser, we all can really relate to the problem you’ve set forth.

    I do have one quibble with the rationales and it’s not a big one: You say that students will be in dualism, “finding that different individuals see the situation in different way. That’s not actually dualism, which is the state in which the student believes that there’s only one right answer. It’s called dualism because there’s only two positions possible: yes/correct or no/wrong. When the students find that different individuals see the same situation in a different way, they’re actually experiencing multiplicity. For it to be dualism, the student would be saying only the logger is right and everyone else is wrong.

    Minor quibble–doesn’t undercut the beauty of the assignment and there’s no actual reason for students begin in dualism.

    Again, thanks for the good work–full points awarded!

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