week 4 Metacog blog

How are you doing with understanding the difference between formative and summative assessments?

Formative and summative assessments have been easy for me to understand. We have been talking about them in Everett for the past 8 years or more.  This was not the big difficulty of this week’s work.
 What was it like trying to figure out activities whose end product would require possession of the skill/ability or understanding of the concept?

Working with the large group project, we had a difficult time coming up with formative and summative assessments for the skills of being a successful online student.  Really, the skills students need are to be a successful communicator, submit assignments correctly and participate in the discussion board.  Our summative assessments would then be to communicate with the instructor, submit an assignment correctly and contribute to discussions in a substantive way.  Really, it doesn’t matter what the assignment is, what the discussion is about or what the content of the message is.  We are having more difficulty narrowing that down because we’d like the work to be interesting to the student and useful to us and our program needs.

For formative assessments in our project, we decided to create scenarios and ask questions about scenarios that are in the questions themselves or part of the scenarios that will deliver the course content.  Figuring out the levels of scenario think was difficult.  Just making sure we were on the same page took 45 minutes because there are so many ‘layer’ to what we are doing.

Did you have to think differently than you normally do when designing learning situations for your students?

Generally, I do not spend this much time thinking about lessons and discussing every aspect with my co-workers.  It is time consuming.
 And what is your reaction to the whole effort this week? Worth doing? Inappropriate? Explain, please.

All in all for the level of difficulty we are trying to attempt, we are putting in an appropriate amount of work.  We are creating a foundational piece for our program.  We should be carefully discussing the theory behind each piece and how it fits together with the whole picture.  I don’t regret taking this much time and energy, but I recognize that it is taking a lot of time and I am comfortable spending my time with this because I think it will be great.


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  1. Thanks, Tanya, for letting me know what’s going on behind the scenes as you folks work on the group project. I’m not used to being so out of the loop and if you folks weren’t so darn good and reliable, I’d be having fits down here in Seattle. Sounds like you all have it well in hand though. And really, it also sounds like you’re having exactly the experience I wanted you to have. I just didn’t know how it would feel from my end.

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